In an era where the ability to do more with less translates into automation in action, conventional learning environments are being reduced to a TV-watching experience where learners are relegated to the role of passive viewers – forever stuck in never-ending observation mode.

The learner rarely gets to know the ‘real deal.’ What inevitably follows is an alarming drop in knowledge retention rates, skill development and ultimately, career enhancement.

The need of the hour is to adopt a proactive approach to self-paced training, so that training needs can be met on an on-demand basis.

With our commitment to accelerate your time-to-learn, our on-demand cloud labs are driven by a growing need to amalgamate real-world training into ultra-advanced virtual environments.  Designed for performance-based learning, CloudLabs adds value to the training lifecycle.


  • Hands-on experience: Hands-on, real-time training environment for learners, teachers and businesses alike
  • Span in a snap: Comprehensive, real-life lab environments in minutes – with no or minimal IT support
  • Unlimited virtual hardware and software – Unrestrained access to networking, storage, servers, licenses, operating systems and more
  • Location-agnostic training: Train students and employees 24/7, anywhere
  • Flexible: Cloud-hosted lab solutions adapted to suit different requirements
  • Agile: Quick, transparent and hassle-free deployment
  • Custom Content: Tailored lab content and simulated scenarios


  • Quickly integrates with LMS and other daily-use apps
  • Suitable for students, training companies, government, enterprises and education organizations looking to converge on a virtualized lab platform
  • Saves operational costs by obviating the need to deploy IT training lab infrastructure
  • Over-the-shoulder assistance that makes learning fun, interactive and constructive – with subject matter experts on a variety of topics
  • Simple course scheduling, automatic student invitations and other time-saving features
  • Superior UI that guarantees superlative CX
  • Maximizes the efficiency of training teams and builds a seamless learning experience by consolidating the benefits of all systems
  • Skill assessment labs that screen feasible candidates for their IT skills