The first and most important step towards providing quality IT solutions is people, which serve as the basic foundation for everything that encompasses an organisation’s success.

As companies add devices and absorb greater more volumes of data, they increasingly need more flexible infrastructure, or intent-based networking that is based on client needs.

It is inevitable that the success of customer-focused training curriculums, strategic alliances, global subject matter specialists and delivery methodologies hinges on the strength of the infrastructure – which optimizes and amplifies the outcomes of all these initiatives.

With 3400+ technical resources deployed across 12 locations worldwide at more than 57 owned training venues using laser-edge facilities, our commitment to world-class & technology-driven infrastructure is second to none.

This in turn empowers us to effectively accommodate a gamut of high-end training requirements driven by real business needs.



  • Future-ready cloud infrastructure that enables ‘one-to-all’ approach
  • Ability to train batches of all sizes at affordable budgets to drive cost-effectiveness
  • Save time and resources in planning, executing and managing the delivery of training modules
  • Flexible after-office training hours
  • 400+ dedicated recruiters across India along with 40+ internal trainers
  • Prices based on class size, duration and complexity, meaning better cost control
  • Flexibility to train a select few members at a time
  • Lower downtime and better productivity
  • Increased transparency and visibility of results across the board
  • 100% hardware support
  • 24/7 uptime



  • Access labs from anywhere
  • Online and offline lab support
  • Collaborative technologies allowing self-paced learning
  • Browser and device-agnostic access to lab materials
  • Ability to work on different projects seamlessly
  • World-class software & hardware infrastructure to help participants get hands-on knowledge
  • Total synchronicity between assessments, tests and progress to improve all-round quality
  • Scalable configuration of requisite hardware
  • Acoustically and ergonomically designed infrastructure