Instructor Led Online Training (ILOT)

A productive training system is the key to the success of any product – encompassing the full spectrum of IT service delivery – from internal training to customers and channel partners. Any lapse during a sequence of events can dilute the impact of full-featured product environments.

Little wonder that an increasing number of training organizations are keen to implement instructor led online training (ILOT) to amplify the efficacy of their training. Emerging as the training methodology of a technologically-ready future, ILOT is being widely seen as the ideal way of transferring & exchanging information.

This is accomplished by accelerating real-time feedback, meaningful interactions and flexible delivery models to meet the needs of knowledge-hungry learners, in a way that imparts life-long benefits within a real-time setting.



  • On Demand Use – Helps organisations avoid capacity planning challenges whilst simultaneously letting you pay for capacity that is actually in use (no more purchase of excessive capacity)
  • Technological Fidelity – Accommodates all the features you wish to have without physical constraints – including high-end networking configuration
  • Saves Time – No need to spend precious time on setting up the same environment repeatedly, when a new class gets scheduled. Fast and effective, easy to use environment
  • Ease of Access – Anytime, anywhere access, from any part of the world without any geographical constraints
  • Diverse Set of Modules – Includes Domain Programs, Technical Programs and Behavioral Programs



  • Combines the best of virtual and face-to-face learning that facilitates real-time discussions and question/answer sessions to quickly improve the learners’ skills and measure their progress
  • On-demand and real-time feedbacks reinforces learning at a much quicker pace
  • Instructor can tailor their training methods based on the trainee’s current skill base – thus providing a level playing field to learners of all pace
  • Facilitates training of mass learners without compromising on individualistic approach
  • Epitomizes the essence of synchronous learning while retaining human touch
  • Accentuates the synergy of group learning wherein students learn not just from the instructor but also from each other
  • Invaluable in inculcating the art of learning by doing, all the while being in the comfort of your home
  • Lesser dropout rates and higher satisfaction levels
  • Many students learn much faster in face-to-face sessions where they are guided proactively by the instructor, thus eliminating guess work
  • Flexible enough to make the IT infrastructure ‘work for and with you’ and give you exactly what you need, regardless of complexities