Self Paced Training

It is generally assumed that content is the most important component of any educational platform, but that’s not always the case. In today’s day and age, how (and not just what) you share can make a world of difference in the knowledge acquisition and retention of learners.

In the face of a constantly evolving e-Learning landscape, pacing refers to the speed at which people need or want to collect/assimilate/retain content.

More specifically, self-paced learning is defined learners themselves. The beauty of our intuitive learning programs is that they allow learners to attain mastery over a subject from virtually anywhere.

Not every learner has the same aptitude – and not every learner can acquire knowledge uniformly. As cultivators of industry-leading IT professionals who’re inspired by the mission of changing the face of tomorrow, we create empowering programs that uncover the hidden champion in every single candidate.

Our results-driven approach helps us develop, deliver and upgrade all kinds of e-learning courses – encompassing all technologies leveraged in real-world environments.



  • Complete control over completion of lessons: Lessons are designed in a manner that the learner can be trained even without a facilitator.
  • Self-evaluation of progress: Our self-paced programs contain detailed instructions as well as quizzes to help students gauge and improve their performance.
  • No fixed scheduling: Suitable for training large numbers of employees – for instance – customer service, product features & benefits or yearly compliance programs.
  • Permanence of Content: A great option if you’re designing an on-board training that isn’t going to change anytime soon and yet remains relevant.
  • Recurrent resources: Self paced programs can be used as a reference point that can be revisited at any point in time, thereby serving as a reservoir of verifiable information.
  • E-learning Courses:All-inclusive e-learning programs incorporating various technologies to optimize results for all concerned stakeholders -students, trainers and businesses.



  • No pressure on learners: Our self-paced programs do not pressurize students to complete modules within a stipulated deadline – which can interfere with their learning process.
  • Efficient and effective: Each individual can optimize allocation of time and resources to attain their learning objectives, which is not always possible in a group setting.
  • Win-win model: Harnessing the best of webinars/seminars, classroom training and ILOT.
  • Reusable: A great option if you’re designing training that can be imparted effectively and repeatedly.
  • Empowered E-learning: Technology-driven and location/platform agnostic e-learning programs that have been validated by leading global brands
  • Prevents skill decay: Existing employees can review the material when needed and combat skills decay, which is one of the biggest problems facing many IT companies.
  • Scalable: Our training curriculum encompasses the needs of a wide variety of candidates– translating into significant cost savings and long-term business growth by shaping world-class employees that drive value.